Elon Musk Eventually Owns Twitter – Fires CEO & CFO 

Elon Musk Own Twitter

It’s being reported that Elon Musk has completed his purchase of Twitter and incontinently fired the CEO, CFO as well as superintendent in charge of legal, policy, and trust.
Musk fired the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, the CFO Ned Segal, and the general counsel and the head of legal, policy, and trust Vijaya Gadde.
Vijaya Gadde was in charge of making Twitter safe for druggies, working to remove spiteful speech and misinformation. She was also the superintendent who played a crucial part in banning ex-president Donald Trump.

 Image Tweeted of Elon Musk at Twitter HQ Coffee Bar 

It’s also reported that the CEO and CFO were fired and attended out of the Twitter headquarters.

Elon Musk Communication with Twitter Advertisers

Musk twittered an open letter to advertisers, seeking to explain what the future of advertising on Twitter will look like.
The communication was vague in details and concentrated on bournes for the kind of advertising he’d like to see.

Musk tweeted:

“ I also veritably important believe that advertising, when done right, can delight, entertain and inform you; it can show you a service or product or medical treatment that you noway knew was, but is right for you.
For this to be true, it’s essential to show Twitter druggies flashing that’s as applicable as possible to their requirements.
Low-applicability advertisements are spam, but largely applicable advertisements are happy!
Unnaturally, Twitter aspires to be the most reputed advertising platform in the world that strengthens your brand and grows your enterprise. To everyone who has partnered with us, I thank you.
Let us make commodity extraordinary together. ”

 Elon Musk Explains Reason for Buying Twitter 

In his open letter to advertisers, he also outlined a vision for a social platform for all sides of issues, expressing the stopgap that Twitter can help them engage in debates in a “ healthy manner. ”

Musk wrote

“ The reason I acquired Twitter is that it’s important to the future of civilization to have a common digital city forecourt, where a wide range of beliefs can be batted healthily, without resorting to violence.
There’s presently great peril that social media will chip into the far right sect and far left sect echo chambers that induce further hate and divide our society.
In the grim pursuit of clicks, much of traditional media has fueled and provisioned to those concentrated axes, as they believe that’s what brings in the plutocrat, but, in doing so the occasion for dialogue is lost. ”

What Will Come of Twitter?

Firing the general counsel who was in charge of moderating the speech on Twitter is a bold move.
It remains to be seen what the advertising geography will look like now that the person in charge of removing hate speech and misinformation is gone.
Advertisers generally don’t like to have their brands juxtaposed next to poisonous tweets.
As for those who use Twitter, numerous on Twitter were formerly celebrating the lifting of what they felt were rough conditions on their free speech.

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