Twitter New Update | Twitter (finally) adds the Edit Tweet feature

Twitter Edit updates

Twitter New Update: On September 1st, 2022 Twitter started rolling out its most expected and demanded feature: Edit Tweet. The feature is presently only available for internal testing but Twitter Blue subscribers in precise areas will get the first possibility to test it publicly. Twitter planned to monitor user behavior before finalizing the element for a full public rollout.

Twitter Update: According to Casey Newton the Edit Tweet attribute will be publicly open for testing in New Zealand for Twitter Blue subscribers on September 21, 2022.

Edit Tweet lets users do precisely that, but not without some limits:

  • Edits can only be completed within 30 minutes from the time of posting
  • Tweets can only be edited 5 times in that 30-minute window

The idea is to deliver enough time to fix typos, add missing media files, and include hashtags that might have been missed.

Twitter worried that the feature is still in the testing stage and that the limits on time and number of edits could be adjusted based on user manners and feedback.
But just because you can edit a Tweet, doesn’t mean the actual version is gone permanently. Edited Tweets will include a timestamp, icon, and a label showing that you are not visiting the original version. Wiping the label will bring up the new Edit History, which will show all past versions of the Tweet.

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