What is WhatsApp’s Android companion mode, how it functions, and more?

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Through the companion mode, WhatsApp would let users attach their current accounts to additional smartphones.

WhatsApp, a network for instant messaging owned by Meta, is testing a brand-new feature for Android called “Companion mode.” The companion mode, which is now only accessible to a small group of beta testers, enables users to join pre-existing accounts on additional Android smartphones. Existing accounts can be connected to up to four devices through WhatsApp. Even if the primary registered device is out of network or has no internet connection, customers are still able to utilize WhatsApp services on the linked device. The companion mode is currently only available on the PC application and web client. Support for smartphones and tablets has long been planned, and Android’s companion mode is a step in that direction. What exactly is new about the Android companion mode, and how does it operate?

WhatsApp companion mode

Users of WhatsApp can link up to four different devices’ accounts with the buddy mode. On Android, buddy mode is included in the beta version. In essence, it indicates that users of WhatsApp will be able to connect their current accounts on other Android smartphones. As a result, customers can access their single account from up to four different devices, including additional smartphones.

Linking the smartphone to an existing account is similar to activating the account on a web client. According to WABetaInfo, the linking function is available right at the number registration screen in the WhatsApp beta version with companion mode. The following are the steps to enable companion mode on Android:

Step 1: In the upper right corner, click on three vertical dots.

Step 2: Select Link a device to obtain the QR code needed for account linking.

Step 3: Launch WhatsApp on your primary registered mobile device.

Step 4: Navigate to Settings and select Linked Devices.

Step 3: Within Linked Devices, select Link a Device.

Step 4: Use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code displayed on the secondary mobile device.

Step 5: Once the link is established, the companion mode on the secondary mobile device is enabled.

How does it work?

When you link a WhatsApp account to a new phone, the chat history of the primary device is synced across all linked devices. According to WABetaInfo, even if you use WhatsApp from a linked mobile phone, all personal messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. When someone sends you a message, it is delivered to all linked devices, ensuring that encryption is always preserved.

Some features may still be unavailable while this new update is being tested. For example, viewing live locations and managing broadcast lists and stickers may be unavailable.

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