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YouTube Updates For Creators: New Metrics, Copyrighted Music, More

YouTube’s weekly update for creators retains more subscriber metrics and access to an expanded library of copyrighted music.Here’s a resume of all notifications from this week’s news flash. Greater Access To Copyrighted Music YouTube is...

Interaction To Next Paint (INP): Everything You Must Know

The SEO field has no shortage of acronyms. From SEO to FID, to FCP (First Contentful Paint), to INP – these are some of the more typical acronyms you will run into when it comes to page speed. Google is presently in the process of transforming...

Google Confirms Ongoing Issue With Its Search Index [Update: Fixed?]

On July 15, Google confirms there was an issue with its search index affecting a large number of sites. The root cause is unknown. Google says it has recognized the issue with indexing and is operating on a fix. It looks like the fix is now rolling...

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