7 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing 2022

Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Niche

Unless you’re Amazon or eBay your online industry is probably going to be concentrated on an exact product or offer. A travel blog might be able to leverage three dimensions; flights, summer clothes, and high-end cameras. For this, there are several affiliate programs like Skyscanner, River Island, and Amazon Associates. Periodically though, your company will concentrate on a niche that is not normally found across the web. If this is you then you’ve reached the right spot because we’ve put concurrently an article underscoring what we think are the 5 best niches for affiliate marketing. But before going in-depth, let me describe to you the difference between niche and micro-niche.

A niche is a matter where you need to write on the “topic” you choose. It is always more useful to choose one single topic to create a blog. In this way, people know that you are covering a specific topic, and most likely, they become familiar visitors to your site.

1. Travel

Travel Blogging

When it reaches the most useful niches for affiliate marketing, the first niche that comes to our mind is “travel affiliate programs”.

Nowadays, every person desires to explore locations and experience new cultures, food, and other adventures. According to Google, the travel ambition company is growing with the passing year and we are hoping to see history bookings in 2022 once the lockdown ends.

So, if you are one of those who love to travel and explore unique locations, you can pick the “travel” niche for affiliate marketing. Through this, you can review the resorts, talk about the best spots to hang out, and write about the delicious foods and lots of other things. If you are a human begin who believes in money-saving, then you can write about “methods to save money while touring”.

There are hotels and bars ready to pay you in commission to write about them on your website. You only need to include their affiliate link on your site, and you are all set to make a commission. Analogize some of the best travel affiliate programs here.

2. Yoga/ Fitness

Yoga & Fitness Affiliate Market

Yoga is evolving more famous in the west and therefore possibilities to run affiliate marketing are growing. With the present state of lockdown, people are carrying to purchase their roll mate, log onto online platforms and take a home class in their living room.

One Yoga/ Fitness affiliate program value a mention is Yogaclub’s affiliate program. They propose their affiliates a 15% revenue claim with a 30-day cookie lifespan. This niche is connected to healthiness, and every person is becoming careful about their health so it’s worth endeavoring if you’re running a workout blog.

3. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoins are conveying more famous day by day. When it was launched, no one believed that it could reach this kind of victory. With time its demand has been raised. And it is not going to stop soon.

Since 2016, people have begun investing in cryptocurrency and bitcoin. So, it is an excellent opportunity to initiate affiliate marketing for this niche. Many affiliate programs around the world will get you great benefits. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency and bitcoin affiliate programs are:

Coindcx Affiliate Program

Wazirx Affiliate Program

Coinswich Kuber Affiliate Program

4. Gaming

Gaming Affiliate Marketing

The favor of gaming in this digital era is not definitely given enough credit. The gaming audience increased exponentially with the foreword of mobile games. At first, it was exactly settled, but now there are actually games for mobile devices. An estimated 200 million people in just North America have been involved in video game players. Around the world, it is an estimated people of 2.5 billion gamers. That’s pretty huge.

A gaming blog can be a suitable source of traffic. A gaming affiliate will get a lot of information and traffic and a lot of conversions. There are still sub-niches with an ever-increasing demand for gaming products and platforms even within the gaming niche.

5 Fashion

Fashion Affiliate Marekting

Anyway of the financial status of any country, fashion is one sector that will consistently succeed, and the exact applies to fashion niches in affiliate marketing. That’s because people will always be curious about and ready to invest in their arrival. In addition, eCommerce has made fashion a conventional territory in affiliate marketing where affiliates can promote the products of different fashion brands and make a commission for every sale they trigger. Also, a good number of fashion affiliate programs pay attractive commission rates.

6 Home Décor

Home Decor Affiliate Marketing

People love to decorate, mostly since lockdown as we are all consuming more additional time in our homes. So, this matter is never going to end. If you are doing affiliate marketing for home decor products, you can smoothly earn $150 per sale. But before beginning the topic, make a list of products that can offer big commissions. One of the biggest Home Décor brands in the UK is B&Q, which also offers a generous affiliate program.

7 Dogs & Pets

Dog & pets Affiliate Marketing

OMG! It’s one of my favorite niches. Pets are in huge demand because people have more duration at home to care for them. There are people who are willing to invest money in their dogs. An affiliate program in this niche worth a glance at is zooplus. Zooplus is an online vendor of pet food that spreads across most of Europe. You can boost dog food, clothes, supplements, and lots more products associated with dogs.

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