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The 10 Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2022

Youtube Keyword Search Tools

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, which means marketers are increasingly focused on creating thoughtful YouTube SEO techniques. Those strategies contain a lot of factors, but one of the major elements of successful SEO is including the right keywords – and YouTube keyword tools help destroy a ton of guesswork.
A YouTube keyword tool is a digital agenda that helps you recognize what YouTube users are searching for on the platform, providing you insights into consumer habits and, potentially, an advantage over the competition.
In this post, we’ll describe more about YouTube keyword research, share why it’s so important, and review 10 of the most famous YouTube keyword tools available today.

What is YouTube keyword research?

Keyword research is an SEO best approach marketing pros use to discover the most relevant search phrases and find alternate search terms that people join when looking for details. This research helps companies understand what kind of keywords to perform into website copy, page titles, tags, and more, to assist them to optimize organic content discovery.

Specifically, as it relates to YouTube, keyword research is the method of finding what search terms users type into the video platform when looking for content. How many people explore your keyword – and similar ones?

Once you understand what your target audience is exploring, you can add those keywords to your video’s name, tags, description, and transcript to boost your outcomes and seem higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).

But more than this, you can be sure that you’re making video content that you know your audience is possible to be looking for.

Businesses of all sizes, including one-man shops, local eateries, and small businesses require to approach search engine optimization thoughtfully and strategically. But not every company can afford to hire an SEO agency to do that work – which is why YouTube keyword tools, like the ones in this list, are so valuable.

The 10 best YouTube keyword research tools – reviewed

1. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a marketing analyst’s best friend. This tool has a huge array of SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research, and keyword label functions to assist you to optimize your digital content. With customers like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber, you know it’s a big moment. We’re actually impressed with the platform’s YouTube Keyword Tool, which pulls YouTube search importance for keywords from up to 243 countries.

The tool is managed in a smart, easy-to-use dashboard. Simply type your keyword in the search bar and Ahrefs drags data from around the world to show you the total search volume for each term and how many clicks that search phrase earned.

If clicks are down, it might mean that users aren’t satisfied with the results they’re seeing; perhaps they need an interesting video from you to be satisfied with their search outcomes. Quiet clicks could also mean a video’s thumbnail, title, and description aren’t attractive sufficiently for people to bother clicking on them; for more on that.

Ahrefs also pulls a few other interesting data points, including appropriate search phrases that use your keyword and other keywords or phrases that are relevant to your term, creating this tool not just an analysis platform but a keyword generator, too.

2. Keywordtool.io

Keyword Tool

When you explore for a video on YouTube, the platform provides you a long list of suggested results based on what other people searched for in the past. Keyword Tool leverages that data to assist marketers like you enhance your YouTube SEO.

Keyword Tool is a YouTube autocomplete keyword program that develops popular search terms from base terms. For example, a company that produces clothes for toddlers and infants might regularly utilize the term “baby clothes” as a keyword.

After utilizing Keyword Tool, the company could enhance its keyword strategy with more phrases like “baby clothes DIY” and “baby clothes quilt,” both of which rank increased as common search terms. You can also use the platform’s trend data to see what duration of the year certain keywords function best to change your approach depending on consumer habits and holidays.

3. Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a 5 tool suite focused only on keyword research, which contains data from 12 APIs in total. Where YouTube is involved, Keyword Keg’s main use is as a tag generator.

All you require to do is pop your keyword(s) into the search bar and wait for the tool to settle a list of suggested keywords. You can then use these to assist you to choose which keywords to use in your titles, descriptions, and tags.

Pretty ordinary so far, right? Well, there’s a super little trick on offer – you can filter the outcomes to only show keywords related to customer intent, allowing you to shortlist keywords that are more possible to convert.

Another convenient bit of info can be found in the ‘Trend’ column – here you’re able to see whether a keyword is trending up or down based on search volume. Anything trending smartly downwards might not be worth your time.

4 VidIQ


VidIQ assists video content creators to determine the best keywords for enhancing searchability. When you explore a search term, VidIQ drags data from YouTube to provide you with a look at what’s going on with that term. You’ll be capable to see valuable information like recommended tags and what top-performing videos are currently displayed in SERPs.

If you want to get more granular, you can also utilize VidIQ to explore additional related keywords and look at search volume reporting in the past month or year, or even since YouTube was created.

5 Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator

With a title like Keyword Tool Dominator, our expectations for this platform were high. While it isn’t quite as mind-blowing as its handle would have you believe, it is a pretty easy-to-use tool for keyword research beginners.

Simply type a term into the search box, and voila – Keyword Tool Dominator generates a long list of the suggested YouTube search phrases that contain your term.

You can pick and choose which keywords you want to add to a custom list and export your list all from the same screen. This tool keeps keyword research – and its pricing model – simple.

6. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a video SEO geek’s best friend. This tool was designed to find tags that are related to your search terms. In the below example, when analyzing the search term “San Diego surfing,” TubeBuddy shows users that there are numerous other popular video search terms like “san Diego surfing beaches” and “san Diego surfing season” that are trending. But the tool shows much better than that.

TubeBuddy’s dashboard also displays the overall score of your search terms, how competitive that term is, the total number of times that term was searched, and more. And since it’s a lightweight Chrome extension, TubeBuddy isn’t only comfortable to use – it’s easy to install too. The most useful part: you can use the whole item for free!

7. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome and Firefox extension that has a very specific group of features. Unlike the other tools on this list, it doesn’t focus on offering new terms or tags. Instead, it’s all about cold hard data.

Search for a term on YouTube and you’ll instantly be shown monthly search volume, cost per click, competition level, and trend data:

Keywords Everywhere

Another cool element is the Search Insights Widget, which gives you more convenient data for each search you produce. These sorts of details should provide you with a good idea of what your video(s) will be up against in your selected niche:

Keywords Everywhere

8 . HyperSuggest

HyperSuggest is a single keyword tool that works across nine additional search channels, including YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. Especially, as it connects to YouTube, this tool is super easy to use.

Just type in a search phrase and in seconds HyperSuggest pulls the top tags for YouTube videos associated with that term, giving you an eligible list of search terms to include in your video title, description, tag list, and transcript.

HyperSuggest also creates it easy to see what videos presently own the top spot for those terms; it links every phrase to its related YouTube SERP.

9. Kparser

Kparser is a keyword tag generator. Just type in a word or phrase, and Kparser will develop a list of different high-performing tags that are connected to your topic, search volume for those tags, and their cost per click. This tool is especially great for global businesses; you can check keyword data and develop terms based on geography to change your SEO strategy by country and by language.

10. YouTube Autosuggest

Here’s a totally free tool concealing in simple sight! Ok, so maybe not technically a tool, YouTube’s autosuggest functionality is an under-the-radar choice when it comes to keyword research. Simply head over to the search bar and begin typing a keyword. You’ll then be offered a host of recommendations containing that keyword.
For example, after typing “ab workout” we’re shown several useful ideas including “ab workout with dumbbells” and “ab workout for beginners”:
Crucially, these aren’t just unexpected suggestions cooked up on the spot – they’re based on actual search queries that people have earlier searched for on YouTube.

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