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Meta expands monetization support for Reels

Reels Play bonus program

Creators on Instagram and Facebook can now research new ways to earn money, according to a news release from Meta.

In the constant fight for creator content, social media platforms are continuing to grow monetization opportunities.

Just this week, TikTok revealed they’re exploring an advertisement share revenue program with creators, and now Meta has declared they’re updating the Reels Play reward program and launching a “Challenges” program on Facebook.

“We believe that creators who do the hard work of preparing and broadcasting original content should be rewarded in distribution, growth, and monetization,” Meta says in a new blog post

“As part of these steps, we recently rolled out rating modifications that prioritize the distribution of original content in areas where we recommend Reels, like the Reels tab and Feed on Instagram and Feed and Watch on Facebook. As we resume this work, we’re making a few changes to our incentives program that give creators ways to reach new followers and discover new opportunities.”

For the Reels Play bonus program, Meta is transforming how payouts are calculated. The goal is to reward creators of variable audience sizes who continue to create high-quality original content that resounds with people. In the news announcement, Meta did not define what those measure changes will be precise. Notably, Instagram did just bump up Reels from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, which may be tied to making more opportunities for revenue. 

In regards to Facebook “Challenges,” Meta says they’re launching a new encouragement to help creators in the Reels Play bonus program make up to $4,000 in any given month.

Meta explains:

  • Creators can experience a series of sequential, incremental challenges each month. A challenge strength looks like this: Earn $20 when 5 of your Reels reach 100 plays each.
  • After a creator completes a challenge, another challenge will become unlocked. So if they completed the sample above, they would see a new one like Earn $100 when 20 of your Reels reach 500 plays each.
  • Improvement on Challenges will reset to #1 at the start of each 30-day bonus period. 

To help creators discover how well their Reels are performing, Meta is also introducing insights for Reels Play creators on Facebook. Creators will be able to view how many Plays each of their qualified Reels receive within an earning period. 

Vikas Rathour

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