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Twitter testing Product Drops reminder feature


Twitter is presenting a new shopping segment that will enable marketers to keep audiences up to date on product launches.

With Product Drops, users will be able to tap a “Remind me” button whenever a dealer tweets about an upcoming launch. The button can be found at the base of the Tweet.

If users desire to learn more concerning the product, they can click on the seller’s Tweet, which will take them instantly to a Product Details Page. This page will show the price, photos, and a product definition as well as a clickable hashtag that will let users look up what other shoppers on the platform have to say about the product.

When the authorized product launch day arrives, users who had related “Remind me” will receive in-app information in their Notifications tab 15 minutes before and again at the time of the drop. The purpose is to let interested customers be the first to shop on the seller’s website, ideally getting the product before it sells out.

Users that click on the message will see a “Shop on website” button that will take them straight to the item on the merchant’s e-commerce website.

Right now, the feature is only open to users in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iOS devices. Twitter is also only creating Product Drops available to select brands, such as Dior, Fossil, Home Depot, Lego, Union Los Angeles, and Staple, while it’s in the testing stage.

Vikas Rathour

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