The latest video Posts on Instagram will be shared as Reels


Instagram Reels offer a better immersive and entertaining mode to watch and make a video, so we’re currently getting a full-screen experience to your video posts to create one simplified experience.

In the future days, unique video posts under 15 minutes will be shared as reels.

Beginning in the next few days, all video posts will also have access to Reels’ innovative editing tools, to help create your videos more fun and exciting. However, using in-app editing tools is optional – you can still post videos without editing them in the app, while also profiting from the same full-screen, immersive adventure as Reels.

  • Discovery: If you make a reel and have a public account, it will also be qualified to be suggested and seen by more people on Instagram. These presently use in reels that are under 90 seconds long. If your account is private, your videos will still only be shown to your followers.
  • Profile: We will also reduce the video and Reels tabs on your profile, so there is one home for all your videos.
  • Past Posts: Previous videos posted earlier to this change will remain as videos and won’t become Reels.

Meta consistently working on ways to enhance your Instagram experience. resume building features to make it more comfortable and more fun to make reels on Instagram – and see here for an exciting new update to Templates in Reels.

Vikas Rathour

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